Goddess Lily’s used bedsheets




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Goddess Lily’s used bedsheets
My dirty used bedsheets all bedsheets will be worn for 1 week before sending! I will be sleeping naked most nights in bed! My bed is a double, put my sheets on your bed and sleep with me! Bottom sheet £35 Pillow covers £15 each Quilt cover £35 Everything including 2 pillows £75 saving £25 but getting all of my scents
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  • This seller has 9 items listed for sale. lilyturner978 has been selling on Kinkie for 5 months since Apr 04, 2020.
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I am sorry for my break but I am back now and have more deals than ever! September is going to be super fun and priced to your liking!
Kik: messylily message needs for all info


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