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Kik- inurdreams2207 Red,blue,pink,black,purple,White,lace, see through sexy as hell outfit. Have so many outfits to choose from why not message and ask to see. Pic bundles sexting,videos, used sex toys,used underwear worn how u like, humiliation, i want a slave... I want someone I can make do things without them saying no prices for slaves are set daily and with a set amount of hours! Got a request? Ask away :) £10-5 feet pics £10-1 min30sec min video of feet. £15-5 sexy pics (u choose what to do) £20-2 min video of me with toys etc. £45-45 min sexting session includes pics and videos throughout. £15- 1x pair of day worn underwear with play in.+postage. £50- slave-7 hours in total throughout the day. ●prices pics videos etc etc can all be discussed and we can find something to suit yours and my need● ●any outfits sent out prices vary depending on the outfit●
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Fetish Foot Worship
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  • This seller has 9 items listed for sale. Inurdreams has been selling on Kinkie for 6 days since Feb 02, 2021.
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Kik- inurdreams2207 (newly made today)

I'm young free and single so why shouldnt I enjoy play tease chat dominate humiliate and have fun with u guys?we are all human and we all have needs and I'm more than happy to help satisfy.

I enjoy my body I enjoy exploring my body I enjoy trying new things I really enjoy making the other party involved happy... I have rules I prefer to have more than just a 1 off although its accepted I enjoy building trust and a relationship with the other party I like to feel like u are here with me touching me or me touching u and that's hard to imagine not knowing u. I'm up for most things I do now show my face I do not accept being harassed daily I will chat through the day but I have a life to..

I need u to tell me ur kinks I need u to tell me ur fantasy what gets u really hot? I'm an extremely chilled out person (until I'm provoked:P) no judgement from me dont be embarrassed to want to try new things we all still learn daily.

My body is not a temple it's more if a shack I'm am honest but it's my shack lol. So if ur looking for a thin perfect body perky boobs big bum no lumps n bumps move on because my body has potholes lumps bumps cellulite the lot but it's a normal body and I've learned to love it and I hope u will to.

Excited to hear from u

Kik- inurdreams2207


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