Small Solid Colour G Strings

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Small Solid Colour G Strings
I'm SO EXCITED! First g strings I've ever worn properly and owned!! I have bought loads of these lately and I have been wearing them and getting all comfy and hot in them hehe Can't wait to share these with you, I have so many colours, just go ahead and ask, I'll do what I can! ^^
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UK: £3.00
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  • This seller has 24 items listed for sale. TinymixedPixie has been selling on Kinkie for 4 days since Aug 08, 2019.
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❁ You've finally found me! :3 im so excited to show you my treasures c: ❁

☽ Warm Greetings Lovely, my name is Tiny, welcome to my Queendom! Feel free to explore c: ☾

❅ 22 years old
❅ 5 ft 4
❅ Half Hong Kong Chinese and Half British
❅ Extemely Petite - Size 4 UK dresses and tops, Size 6 - 8 UK panties and bottoms
❅ Size 4.5 - 5 UK shoe size
❅ 28C - 28D bra size, I have a tiny af ribcage and larger cups
❅ Current Weight: 49.2kg
❅ Bisexual
❅ Exotic dance lover, flexy addict, pole dancer
❅ Fantasy lover, PC gamer, massive stoner, lingerie collector

❣ Will most likely be located watching LOTR in my panties and thigh highs cuddling my bearded dragon ❣

☽ Enchantments ☾

✿ Spanking
✿ Smoking and Rolling
✿ Eating
✿ Ageplay
✿ Exotic Dance
✿ Upskirts and Downshirts
✿ Voyeurism
✿ Foot Play
✿ Cute Girl Feet Crushing
✿ Goth and Alternative wear
✿ School Outfit
✿ Working out and Yoga
✿ Stripping (not fully nude)
✿ Personal Items (hair, bobby pins, nails, piercings, spit, shower water, used tissues, skin)

☽ My Inventory ☾

✧ items come with X2 custom photos upon request + small hand written note of thanks from Tiny herself ✧

♡ Panties = £20.00 - £35.00 (cotton, lace, lycra, crotchless, thongs, g strings, full back, cheekies, boyshorts - all sorts! Extra day wear or orgasm or workout is + £10. Message for any other custom extras)

♡ Ankle Socks and Fluffy Bed Socks = £15.00 - £25.00 (worn standardly around 2 days, +£5 a day extra wear or work out)

♡ Tights and Stockings = £15.00 - £25.00 (fishnets, tights, patterned black tights, garters, see through tights, thigh high stockings)

♡ Wire bras, crop tops and bralettes = £25.00 - £55.00 (most worn for quite a while, price depends on use of item and type of item)

♡ Spit Vials = £25.00 minimum (sent in a very secure vial for all your dirty uses hehe, can do a custom amount, contact for prices!)

♡ Cock Rating = £15.00 minimum (this will include a small paragraph + rating 1 - 10. Good faeries don't lie, I will be very honest with you hehe, positive or not!)

♡ X5 Custom Photo Pantie set =£15.00 (ask what panties you'd like to see me in + buy them for a discounted rate if you get this add on :3 + £3 for every photo extra, outfits and fetish sets priced differently, please drop me a message!)

♡ X5 Custom Feet photo set = £10.00 for socks £15.00 for no socks

♡ Custom Exotic dance, Light play, Flexy Videos = £25.00 for one song minimum (message me to discuss length and content if you want more, I do not do these lightly, we will need to chat and establish trust first heh. It's the most sexual you'll see me, check videos for a little preview hehe)

♡ Advice = £10.00 per discussion (I'm very direct and won't lie to you, I'm happy to help you and give you that straight up female advice you are seeking heh)

♡ Faerie Bulk Treasure Chest = message me if you want to make a larger order or multiple items, we can discuss a deal together! Have had a few requests for this and I am more than happy to oblige (:

♡ Other Hidden Pixie Relics = garters, stockings, garter belts, used handcuffs, thigh high socks, chemises/ nighties, bodysuits, bodycon dresses, leggings, bootie shorts etc!

♡ Flip flops, trainers, boots and sandals for sale too, all are very very worn in ^^

☽ Before you accept my Quest... ☾

❥ Cashapp, PayPal and Amazon Gift card

❥ Send me a message! I want us to know each other first! I don't mind quick and easy sales though if that's your style, I'm just down to vibe with lovely humans! Am happy to hear offers and requests!

❥ NO face policy, any personalised photos, videos or Polaroids will be done with a half mask or steam punk gas mask or even special request ^.^

❥ I DO NOT do nudes, GFE, sexting, dom seshes, Skype calls or overtly sexual videos, sorry! Please respect this :3 I appreciate it massively and just wanna spread some love to you all.

❥ I do have kik but I only give it to serious buyers, message me for a deal and I will give it to you if we are serious! (:

❥ I do own two pets rabbits and a bearded dragon, if you have allergies, please keep this in mind!! I also smoke weed and rollies so please bare this in mind incase that's not your thang! My items won't smell like this necessarily but I wanted to disclose it for health reasons - and as a disclaimer, we all know that flower can be dank heh

❥ Please don't waste my time! If you are a genuine buyer, I will strive to be the best seller for you! If you're wasting my time, don't think it will go unnoticed, this faerie does not let things like that slide, and other sellers will be told of your shenanigans (:

❥ Please do not take me for someone who is here for a free chat or to make mates! This is business my love, as much as I want to chat and know you, it is so we can have a positive buyer seller relationship (:

❥ SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY please! This Pixie is an Aries and does have a bit of a short fuse! If we get to the point of payment and you ghost me, promising right now, the faerie anger will be real. That's not cool guys, and I will let others on here know you're a time waster (: simple! Only contact me for sales please!

❥ PLEASE do not ask if I am single or where I live or to meet up! This isn't a dating site and this Pixie has a lovely partner of 4 years c: I will happily divert you to where you can seek single humans as I am not one! ~

❥ if you ask me if I do any of the stuff I have EXPLICTLY explained I DO NOT do on this list, I will ignore you, and if you get funny with me, I will block you! I don't do anything I do not want to do. (:

☽ Countless kind, respectful, brave, honest, open, genuine and cute buyers have come to this Queendom before. They followed my rules, and got the hidden Pixie treasure. ;3 if you can follow my game, you too can have a taste c: are you up for my challenge? ☾

I'm a cute little side quest and I know you'll love the rewards hehe ;3 ♡

ATTENTION: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and / or associated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this. ALSO please DO NOT copy and paste my bio!! I understand being new and needing a template but this is my Queendom and I worked hard to make it pretty, take the time and work on your profile! I'm always available for messaging for advice for other sellers and to help you out but copying is not cool with me, please respect that!


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