Truth or Dare with your dirty best friend, 14 min vid.




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Truth or Dare with your dirty best friend, 14 min vid.
The wifi is still down so we decide to play a game of truth or dare. You know, like we used to. It starts off pretty innocent, I just wanna know if you have a crush on me, but you clearly have an ulterior motive.The fact you do have a crush on me too ... that just makes it more exciting. I dare you to take your trousers off, and you dare me to take my top off (knowing full well I don't wear a bra). It becomes a dare off as it clear you just want to fuck me. My panties disappear next, but only if you watch me pee - that turns me on so much!! Clearly it turns you on too, I can see you straining in your boxers. Why don't you get it out? I want to see how hard you are, I might even slip it in my mouth since you've been so good. You start getting braver with that little reward and dare me to ride your dick nice and good until I cum. I'm not a coward and I slip down on your dick, riding it fast, filling myself up. But I don't want you to cum in me - your last dare? Cum on my tits, and make a mess. Finish this off properly, so I can see how much you enjoyed it 14.25 mins long, filmed in HQ.
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  • This seller has 12 items listed for sale. fetpup has been selling on Kinkie for 1 year since Oct 10, 2019.
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I'm Nyx, filthy fuck pup and bitch in heat. Let me fulfil your fantasies 😈💦 I'm a panty seller and content creator - I'm very fetish friendly and love making custom vids and taking pics. I have a huge range of HQ premade videos/photosets but I'm more than happy to film a custom for you. Find me on kik: fetpup or email me at bxbybat@gmail.com - please keep it to business only x


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