Beautiful smooth metal jewelled pink ass bum plug

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Mydirtyusedpanties Would you like to own my pretty ass plug? I’ve enjoyed wearing this many times. Can send worn and enjoyed straight from my bottom x ❤️ X (The blue one in the picture is sold) If you messa

My worn used red panties knickers covered in my cum and pussy juice.....

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Mydirtyusedpanties Selling my lovely red panties for someone to enjoy, will be covered in my cum and my beautiful juices for you to savour. Lots of pictures included and a pussy pop covered in my cum xxx I want you

Who’s missed me?

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lilbabybooxox Hello you kinky lot! I’m back and better than ever with some exclusive new content for you naughty boys and girls! I’m offering some steamy Kik sessions complete with homemade and custom made vide

Purple ass butt bum plug pulled direct out of my ass and sent to you x

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Mydirtyusedpanties Would you like to receive my beautiful ass plug after I’ve worn it for you all day and posted last thing for you to receive the next day? Xx P.s if you message me i will return by e-mail, plea

Worn cute little socks

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Mydirtyusedpanties I know it’s naughty but I love like wearing little girls socks, I used to love wearing these in my cute uniform to school… Naughty girl aren’t I xx.

Used worn Black jewelled thong panties knickers size 16

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Mydirtyusedpanties Gorgeous thong with cute little jewel at the front, allow me to wear this for you and I promise to deliver you something yummy in the gusset for you to smell and lick. As always photos included in the

Worn wet used Blue turquoise thong size 16 panties knickers

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Mydirtyusedpanties Gorgeous blue thong, worn for my buyer for 24 hours, played in, photos taken and sent to you and a yummy lolly covered in my cum xxx P.s if you message me i will return by e-mail, please check your

Used worn Sexy Kinky Black PU leather look dress, size 14 / 16 / 18

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Mydirtyusedpanties PU dress from Ann Summers, size 14-18, unzips fully at front and adjustable ties either side of the zip at the front. If you buy this you can add any of my knickers or thongs at a reduced price

Wet worn used Red knickers Panties Size 16

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Mydirtyusedpanties Sexy red panties ready to wear especially for you, from my own knicker drawer so well worn. Includes pictures and a yummy lolly covered in my cum and pussy juices x 💋 x P.s if you message me i w

Used wet worn Cumslut knickers panties size 14 - Want to smell & taste me?

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Mydirtyusedpanties Naughty cumslut knickers in size 14. Soaked with my scent and juice for you. I will seal them in a press sealed bag. I also take photos throughout the day and I will send them to your e-mail address

Red/coral shoes

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Worn red heels, I love to walk all over you in these ❤️❤️

Menstrual/ period cup

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This menstrual cup has been inside me so many times, collecting all that lovely period blood that drips from my wet fanny. It will be worn all day and posted unwashed in a zip locked bag to preserve t