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Black Worn Fishnet Ankle Socks - Petite Size 3 - Dirty!

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sockiesammie Black Worn Fishnet Ankle Socks - Petite Size 3 - Dirty! Worn for days!

Sweaty Gym Socks - Choice of two Colours - Size 3/Petite

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sockiesammie Sweaty Gym Socks - Size 3/Petite These have both been worn for gym sessions. Price is £6.50

Worn cute little socks

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Mydirtyusedpanties I know it’s naughty but I love like wearing little girls socks, I used to love wearing these in my cute uniform to school… Naughty girl aren’t I xx.

Green Fishnet Worn Ankle Socks - Petite size 3

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sockiesammie Green Fishnet Worn/Used Ankle Socks - Petite size 3 Work for three days!

Worn Petite White Lace Trim Ankle Socks Size 3 - Dirty!

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sockiesammie Petite White Lace Trim Ankle Socks Size 3 - £7..50 Worn and Dirrrrty!

Black and grey cotton socks

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ComposedRobin Stripey cotton socks worn for 2 days. I will wear for as long as you like for £5 every 2 days. Any other extras, just let me know. Packaged in sealed plastic in a brown envelope

Sweaty trainer socks

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ComposedRobin White cotton trainer socks I use to work out in

Smelly Sock Liners

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X_FoxiFeet_X These amazing smelling socks have been on my feet for 72 hours straight. I have been doing everything in them especially for you. Im happy to add additional wear, you just need to message me and ill b

My footsie socks

added 6 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, 37 seconds in
itsanadventure Worn for 24 hours in my lifting shoes, these socks are full of my scent. Sheer like tights so they absorb everything 😉