Top Tip: How Much Should I Charge for Selling My Used Dirty Panties?

Selling My Used Dirty Panties

You have heard about it, and want to give it a try, but aren’t sure about the process. Maybe you’re looking for a fun and unusual way to make money from home. Well, we have a unique sales line that will have the money rolling in. 

Selling my used dirty panties online may seem like an odd way of making money, but there are tips on how to become successful. This includes creating an alias for selling, provide the real deal, (no panties with fake smells), create a niche, and then jump in and have some fun.

Are you wondering, “how much money can I make selling my used panties?” Read on to learn about the trendiest way to make some easy money.

Sell My Dirty Panties Pricing

When you learn to sell dirty panties, you are entering a lucrative business. Back in 2017, one woman made £50,000 GBP. selling used knickers, hair, and toenail clippings. The key to success is pricing to maximize your profit while appealing to the largest audience of buyers. 

Type of Panties

Buyers will pay more for specific styles and materials, such as satin or silk, which is why you need a variety in your inventory. Some buyers like bright colours, others nudes or blacks. Some like full briefs, others hipsters, bikinis, or boy-shorts.

The combination of style, fabric, and colour is important to those with a dirty panties’ fetish. String thongs and G-strings generally price lower because there is a lower area of coverage and less material spanning the panty zones. Full back thongs, briefs, bikinis, and hipsters bring in a higher price because there is more coverage.

As surprising as it is, 100% cotton panties are popular because the material is absorbent. Their pricing is not any different than synthetics like microfiber or polyester, and they sell quickly. If panties are made from silk or satin, they usually draw a higher price because of their feel in combination with the absorption quality of the material.

Frequent buyers in the used panties market are aware that there is a higher demand for certain materials and know they will be paying a higher price. Do not undercut your pricing thinking it will draw in buyers. Going too cheap can raise suspicions about the quality of the product you are selling.

Selling Used Dirty Panties

Upcharge for Services With Used Panties Sales

Once you set your asking price, you may want to consider additional add-on services. This boosts the profit per sale. If you set your base price for an item at £25 GBP., then offer add-on options, the final sale price may be considerably higher. 

Options may include adding onto the base of one day of wear. You may decide to charge an extra £15 GBP for each additional day of wear. If the buyer wants a photo of you wearing the underwear charge an additional £10 or £15 for a video.

Simple things like free-shipping can draw in sales. If your base price is too high, you are less likely to sell add-on services.

Do No Overprice

If you price your panties too high, customers will move on to the next seller. Some sellers use a valuation basis for determining the price. They take the price of the panties, then add for the time it takes them to wear the product, package, and ship it to the client.

Others who sell use the idea that it is a “privilege” for someone to purchase their used dirty panties. If you are not a celebrity or high-profile person, that method is not likely to generate sales.

Do Not Under-Price

Just like selling a product too high, if you price too low it indicates what you are selling is of poor quality. The purchaser of dirty used panties wants to know they are getting value for their money. Do not offer buy-one-get-one deals or sales pricing that degrades your product value.

People who are into sniffing used panties want to make sure they are getting what they pay for. If you are cutting a deal, then they are likely going to go where someone is demanding a solid price for a quality product.

Determining Your Used Panties Price

When determining the price for each pair of panties, keep the following in mind.

1) Cost—always price your product over what you paid for them new so you make a profit, you can price lingerie sets higher because they contain two items

2) Shipping—determine what will it cost to ship the panties to the buyer and add that into your base price, or advise the buyer that shipping is an additional cost

3) Extra pricing for special customer requests, such as wearing the panties while performing a specific activity, such as exercising at the gym

4) Here is some average pricing to help you start selling:

  • Everyday Wear — worn on a normal day for an average period of time—£15 to £45.

  • Everyday Wear Specialties — worn on a normal day but lacier, more expensive — £25 to £55.

  • Special Order — the buyer makes special requests, such as wearing while masturbating, to the gym, etc. — £40 to £100 or more.

  • Lingerie Sets, Stockings — due to being sexier you can use your original price plus a good size profit — £50 to £100.

One of the main things you need to get your head wrapped around is that selling your used dirty panties is a lucrative business. You need to find a place to assist in selling your product, such as Kinkie, where people with a dirty panty fetish know they can find what they are looking for.

Creating an online biography with some vague information about you, such as your height, age, ethnicity, and sexual kinks lets the buyer feel like they know you. A suggestive, flirty profile photo will also help boost sales.

Beginner Jitters Selling Used Dirty Panties

When you are new to the world of promoting your panties, you want to avoid mistakes common to newcomers. This includes:

  • Don’t sell at too low or too high a price
  • You must keep an open mind
  • Don’t use poor quality images
  • Don’t wear the panties until you receive payment
  • You need to have a backstory

It is not unusual to have questions when taking the plunge into this new sales world. Once you get over the beginner jitters, the process of selling dirty panties is fun and easy, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

I’m Ready to Sell My Used Dirty Panties

Selling your used dirty panties online will give you a feeling of financial power. Whether you run it as a side hustle or a full-time lucrative career, listing an item on Kinkie is a simple process.

We assist in the selling of used dirty panties, men’s underwear, hosiery, and accessories. Anyone over 18 years of age can participate in this adult item website that has a “Kinkie” twist.

There is something for everyone to buy or sell, whether man, woman, or transgender. Come on in, have some fun and let loose with your “Kinkie” side!  Check us out today!

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