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Pussy pops

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LaceyMay2k18 I am selling pussy pops. The lollipop has ben inside me for a while to get the taste & scent of me . I will use the lollipop as soon as you pay for it so it is nice & fresh for you.

Pantie Heaven

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LaceyMay2k18 Worn for (24 hours minimum) These sexy Hot panties will get you going like never before. Enjoy my young inocent sweet taste and scent 'Sniff your way to heaven'

Cummy pants x

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bellababygirlx Buy my “I’m on the naughty list” pants covered in my fresh sweet cum. £20 to buy will post 1st class 😻 Also have Kik messenger, I do photo sets, videos, chats and also sell items. Bank tr

Girlfriend For the Night Experience

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LaceyMay2k18 Want to impress your friends? How about a gf for the night experience Texting Flirting Photos I can be what you want me to be :-D

30 min chat plus pics

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Hey, I’m a blonde, single, petite nurse with plenty of time on my hands to spend chatting to you about your deepest, darkest fantasies and what you’d like to do with me...Let’s cum together

KiK Messaging £10 for 1 hour 💕💕

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Giorgi_F KiK Messaging - £10 for 1 hour with me 💕 £5 for half hour Can’t wait to chat 😘 xx

Thick ass, tiny knickers

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nastygirl666 These are one of my favourite pairs of knickers. I wear them as many times as i can because they make me feel so sexy and make my ass look thick and juicy and good enough to eat. I have had so many so

Kik sessions

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bellababygirlx Fancy a naughty chat? £10 for 30 minutes or £15 with 5 photos. Can also do videos for extra. Be as naughty as you like 😍 also sell items My Kik is - sweetie09x Payment is bank transfer or

Tampon Insertion/Pulling Video - £5

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mizzle Watch me insert or remove my tampons for your pleasure, requests welcome so don't be shy and send me a message xx

Black stretchy frilly basque and thong with cherries on top

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pretty Gorgeous lingerie for sale, worn to your desires what's your fancy?

Worn Sandals

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who wants my lovely sandals? worn a lot on hot sweaty days in and office and whilst sitting on buses. Ready for there new home They smell lovely :) Message me with offers PayPal accept

Pick & mix

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Anything you want £25 (2 items) Eg sexting, girlfriend experience, kikchat, pics, used panties with pics, pops. Use your imagination 😈😈 Most things considered No face pics Kik clucking


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KatieLovesKink Get your hands on this Barbie pink lace thong from £15 with FREE postage and lots of add-ons available! I wore this thong through my two years at Sixth Form, it's time they went to a new home!

Pussy pops

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dee74 Lollies lollies lollies .........lollies deep in my pussy for you mmmmmmm I’ll leave them on my pussy cum all over them video it and send you to taste while u watch video

Sexy red wet panties

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dee74 My sexy red panties been worn for a couple days lots of cum an pee in them ....mmmmmm quite sexy

Taking requests

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princess66601 I need to make £150 ASAP so I’m taking requests 😉 I’ve got my boob job consultation in a few weeks and need to rest of my deposit 😍 Message me to discuss what you want princess66601@outl