Where to Sell Used Panties in the UK: Top Platforms for 2021


These days of Covid-19 unemployment, people need a side hustle. If you’re searching for quick, fun ways to make extra pounds to sell used panties, why not take advantage of the burgeoning fetish markets?

The fetish markets are a harmless way to have some much-needed fun and increase your income. From selling feet pictures or used sex toys, people in the UK have a unique opportunity to make a lot of money for doing next to nothing.

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to enter the fetish market is to sell used panties & knickers. Yes, ladies, you can profit from your underwear.

Read on to learn more about how to turn those old panties into pounds today with the best panty selling platform in the UK.

Why Do People Buy Used Panties?

Before you sell your panties, you need to know why people buy them. It seems like such a silly thing to do, and you may feel awkward asking, “Where do I sell my used panties?”

Though as silly as it may seem, this fetish has a long history. Starting in Japan, this fetish spread like a wildfire across the world. Used, soiled panties pull in lots of money from men who want to buy them. Why do men want your used panties?

It’s a sexual fantasy. These men with a used underwear fetish use them to masturbate. They fantasize about what you did in them when you sell panties online. Aroused by your aroma, they smell and wear them for sexual bliss.

The truth is, most men desire used panties to be as soiled as possible. An extremely soiled pair could make you £550!

Who Buys Used Panties and Why?

According to a customer survey conducted by a leading used panties site, the overwhelming majority of those who buy used panties are men. 92%. According to this survey, 60% of these men are under 40.

The majority of younger men are often professionals with expendable income. While many of these men use these panties to masturbate with, some lick them or wear them.

For many men, the actual purchase is only one part of the fantasy. Many buyers enjoy interacting with the seller through pictures and email to boost the sexual aspects of owning your used panties. It’s a fetish built on desire and connection.

sell used panties online UK

How to Sell Used Panties and Make Money

Now that you have a better understanding of who buys them and for what purposes, you can start thinking about how to sell used panties online. 

While selling panties is easy, you have to put in a little work to get the most return.

1. Find the Best Sites

If you’re entering into the business, you need to find the best site to sell used panties in the UK. There are plenty of sites serving as selling and buying platforms for underwear fetishists. What makes a site good for a seller?

You don’t want to pay the site or platform commission on your sales. They are your underwear, and you should keep all the profit. Most legitimate sites charge a fee to sell.

This membership fee pays for important selling infrastructure you’ll need like seller technical support and safety. The fees also ensure a user-friendly site that gets your listings seen by many buyers.

2. Marketing Strategy

Selling your used panties is a business. It’s a fun business, but you won’t make any sales listing a few soiled undergarments. You have to market yourself AND your underpants. 

Do this through sexy photoshoots. Many of these men want to buy your panties to engage in a sexual fantasy involving you. Sexy photos can put your listings over the top.

These photos don’t mean you compromise your safety. A buyer doesn’t have to see your face or learn your real name. In this business, you can be as anonymous as you want to be online.

3. Be Safe

To expand your sales, you might engage with multiple selling platforms. While it’s helpful to market a persona, you don’t want anyone to know who you are unless you do.

To stay safe, avoid using your real address as a return address when you ship. It’s wise to forward all mail devoted to this business to a different location like a P.O. Box.

Where to Sell Used Panties

Given the ever-expanding fetish market for used panties, there are so many outlets to sell on. Some sites are excellent, while others are lack in features.

So much of your ability to earn money ties into what platform you use. The best platforms don’t charge commission. You shouldn’t pay a third party for every item you sell. If a site charges this type of commission on sales, it’s a scam.

The best sites also allow you to expand your marketing through online chats or secure phone calls. You know now that many men who buy panties desire extra connection. A great platform gives you this ability.

Superior selling platforms also ensure your safety. The sex industry, while fun and rewarding, has a dark side you want to avoid. The best platforms provide secure chat and messaging options that allow you to interact with your buyers. 

Have Fun When You Sell Used Panties

Stringent Covid-19 lockdowns force UK citizens indoors. Our old ways of having fun disappeared in an instant, and nobody is sure when they’ll return. For many couples, months in sweatpants dampen desire.

When you sell used panties, you can spark your relationship. Involve your partner in the photo-taking and chats. Involve him in the soiling process. Then sit back and let the money roll in.

Are you interested in selling your panties online? We offer the safest, most comprehensive seller’s platform in the UK. Register with us today at Kinkie and start selling!

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